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Welcome to MetaWorld Comics

MetaWorld Comics Plan

The First Comic will be 1000 Copies. The Price of Each Comic Mint will be .03ETH + Gas. 

The first comic will be 6 pages total. Buying the comic will get you access to the rest of the pages when released. If you sell the comic, you will not have access to it any longer.

Each page will be released separately to build up the story almost like a weekly episode.

Whitelist will only be available to guardian holders and active users. 300 whitelist spots are going to go to the Top 300 members in the MetaGuardians discord and the other 200 will be raffled whitelist spots. We chose to reward our active community to get a chance to be able to mint from the very LIMTED COLLECTION. Each whitelist owner will be able to mint.

2. If we sellout, then there won’t be any on the secondary market for our personal release.

The remaining comics not sold will be released onto opensea. We have 4.2k Metaguardian owners so we are projecting to have a high demand. Good Luck on getting a hold off our very first comic!


This project was created by Jamey, one of the team leads on the Metaguardians NFT project. The Meta-guardians are planning to take over the Metaverse and that includes comic book illustration and story telling.

The project inspiration comes from a lifelong love of superhero’s, comics, television shows, and cryptocurrency.

The project is attempting to present some non-fictional events from the crypto world to provide some education on real life events in a superhero Metaverse. 

The comic will be a lifelong journey, for as long as you will have me, I will be creating

I love the Meta-guardians project and would love to bring more value to the space, which is what lead me to creating my own comic book.

The comic book is separate from the Meta-guardians story of the upcoming game. These stories are ones that I created separately to entertain the community!

Roap Map

💪 Mint day, I will be using some of the funds to stabilize Metaguardians floor price.
🤝 I will be giving total 2 ETH back to the community holders in contest form for every new comic.
💡 There will be a guardian spotlight contest. You will have the chance to have your guardian featured on the last page of the first comic which completes the first comic.
🦸‍♂️ Metaguardian universe characters will be incorporated into the comic, including a chance for community guardian to be apart of the story.
👕 Metaworld Comics Merch Store Coming.


Jamey Kayn